NEW, Tony Little Perfect Trainer - W1 (PICKUP ONLY)


The Perfect Trainer from Tony Little can provide you all the benefits of other home gyms in a fraction of the space. Its sturdy steel construction means it's durable, well made and strong enough to to hold 375 pounds, and though it has an extra-wide steel platform (for maximum comfort and stability), it can still fold flat for easy storage and portability. It offers three levels of resistance which you can easily change back and forth to match your fitness level, and with four handles, you can go from move to move to move within seconds without getting off of the machine—it's all right here. The trainer allows you to focus on all the key fitness components (strength, endurance, cardio, flexibility) and offers high-intensity interval training (HIIT), plus it only weighs 25 pounds and needs no assembly—you can be exercising in minutes once it's out of the box.

Embrace a healthier lifestyle with the Perfect Trainer from Tony Little

• Easy-to-follow compound resistance to train the body in multiple planes in one workout
• Wall chart offers 30 different exercises for a full-body workout, but you're not limited to those
• Resistance training burns calories long after you are done
• No heavy weights to lift
• Weight capacity: 375 lbs

• Perfect Trainer Home Gym
• (2) Workout DVDs (Warm Up, Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)
• (4) Handles
• (2) Ankle Cuffs
• Exercise Wall Chart
• Nutrition Guide
• Owner's Manual